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Ice Buckets & Bowls

Cooling Buckets

A must-have for professionals in the sector as well as for enthusiasts: the serving temperature and its maintenance are essential for enjoying wines and sparkling wines at their best.

Bar and Wine


The cold design enhances the contents of 1 or 2 bottles.

The main function of the bucket is to bring wines and sparkling wines to the recommended serving temperature and to keep them optimally during a meal, a tasting or an event, to better appreciate their organoleptic characteristics. For the most correct "cooling" action it is necessary to fill it with ice and water for three quarters of its volume, and immerse the bottle in it.

Bar and Wine

Ice Bowls

For the best tasting and presentation up to 7 bottles.

Sparkling winemakers are the result of passionate study, stylistic research of new shapes, technological evolution and profound knowledge of materials. They are objects conceived as precious custodians of special moments and created to contain and seal sensations, aromas and flavours, through the "refreshing" action.

Bar and Wine

Game Bucket

The GAME line is truly a "family" of products.

GAME is in fact an ice bucket with a clean shape and generous in size, characterized by the play of waves imprinted on the surface. The first declination is that of the shapes since there are the SQUARE variant and the OVAL variant; the second declination is that of colours, since the two shapes are made of transparent, black and white


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