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MMR MICHEL ROUSSO, a professional Representatives – Imports - Exports of kitchenware articles & professional equipment HO.RE.CA. Company, was established by Michel Rousso in 1998. After a personal success at the same field as an employee from 1977, he decides to follow his dream and founded his own enterprise related with products that he believed in as a conscious and experienced salesman in Greece.

Since 1998, MMR with exercising emphasis in the quality and the elegance of the products is successfully surviving in this competitive market, making true the aim of its existence.

Since October, 2013, ‘MMR MICHEL ROUSSO’ continuous to exist as ‘MMR MERITA MICHEL ROUSSO - the BAR & WINE’ company.

With love and passion in the good and high-quality Greek wine, we follow the tradition of the company to provide products in the Wine Accessories Market while reaching high levels of pleasure and promotion in wine’s consumption. Simultaneously, our company provides Bar, Gelateria, Kitchenware, Service and Boufe equipment.

The cooperation with “BREVETTI WAF” factory the flair for design exclusive partner give us the opportunity to distribute to broad segment of Greek Market high quality of BAR & WINE accessories. Furthermore, it has recently started a cooperation with factories of the European Union which produce high-quality and qualified Glassware and HACCP plastic glasses especially for serving in swimming pools, beaches, kidder gardens, summer camps, hospitals, elderly houses and in general at the places that the use of glass is forbidden and dangerous.

Latest, MMR has started to import a sanitizing machine called THRILL from Italy for hydgening reasons and for high protection from COVID –19. It can freeze the glass in few seconds up to –35C The machine works with CO2. There is warranty for 2 years. It is highly recommended for every restaurant and BAR and in general in HORECA environment in order to be protected the equipment that is used by employees and customers. It is really useful machine for the making of cocktails. We are the sole Representatives - importer of this machine for Greece and Cyprus.

One more field that we are really active, is the field of printed Advertisements - Logos on the products we import from our cooperative companies by a pre-order agreement with our customers who need OEM items. The MMR through unstoppable research of the international market and cooperation with its European-partners in European Union and suppliers, we ensure that we always provide high-quality, innovative and competitive products (value for money) with an excellent service while keeping close interpersonal relations not only with our customers but also with our suppliers.

Despite the economic crisis and the Pandemic in Greece, we strongly believe that we can achieve our preservation in the market by making a continuous effort of regularly upgrading our products and our services according to the market needs. Within this effort we have already upgraded our website through the help of the new technology and the social media that pursue the endless and direct updating of our loyalty and prospective customers. Moreover, contacting with us becomes easier and more efficient through our new webpage.

We were, we are and we will always be willing to receive feedback from our customers as much as from our suppliers with the aim of improving our professional relationships with our stakeholders for the benefit of both sides.

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Merita Rousso

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