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Many years of artisan experience and the transformation into an industrial company make our European partners a giant in the sector in the production of exclusive objects, made to measure for the client through total customization. Over time, our exclusive partner has developed the best technologies to create exclusive and customized design objects. To convey the brand design on one's creations, to make a brand emerge from the noise of the competition, is the mission entrusted to all the “made in WAF” collections. It is not a question of a simple image operation, but of the strong manifestation of a personality: yours.



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1. Hot Print

Hot stamping is a direct printing process, from a Thermo transferable film, in which the displacement of the contrast element is obtained with the combined effect of pressure, heat and release speed. Hot stamping is used for the production of gold, silver or metallic colour foil effect logos and brands. This technology is used by us for the personalization of stoppers, buckets, sparkling wine bars and corkscrews.

2. Tampography

It could be defined as a printing system that allows you to transfer 2D images and graphics onto 3D objects and surfaces. Pad printing is an indirect printing process, which allows you to reproduce logos, writings and decorations in multiple colours in a simple way, with high fidelity and resolution. This printing technique allows customization both on flat surfaces and on concave, convex or otherwise irregular surfaces and is generally applied on glasses, buckets, sparkling wine glasses, stoppers, corkscrews and accessories.

3. Serigraphy

Manual printing technique that involves the use of colors applied uniformly in a matrix of fabric stretched inside a frame. The color deposited on the object will form a cohesive and resistant film. This production process is used for the creation of large logos or writings, basically on objects that have flat or slightly curved surfaces. We use this technique mainly for the personalization of sparkling wine, buckets, wine bags and fabrics.

4. Resin Label

Choosing a resin-coated label means obtaining a customization highlighted by a thickness, thanks to the resin that covers the surface, protecting and ennobling the logo. The production technique consists in reproducing the logo with a silk-screen or digital technique on a support, to which a suitable adhesive with a high degree of adhesion is then coupled. The transparent resin is then applied to the surface, so as to give the product a three-dimensional and prestigious effect. The technology used by us for the customization of stoppers and luminous outdoor furniture.

5. Painting

A production process that provides for the total or partial covering of an article by means of a layer of coloured paint to obtain a glossy or opaque result according to the customer’s needs. This painting technology, which can be adopted both internally and externally, has the characteristic of embellishing the object. If applied internally to a transparent base it creates an elegant three-dimensional effect of the logo which will then be printed on the outside. If, on the other hand, you decide to start from a coloured base, you get a beautiful two-tone effect that otherwise we would have to create with expensive dedicated moulds.

6. Cold Punching on Steel

Used for the customization of forks and locks of our stoppers, cold punching on steels is a versatile and fast process, generally applied on medium-high runs. Sheet metal punching is a technology that presents itself as an excellent alternative to laser and allows highly versatile machining and savings in time and costs. Being an entirely cold process, it does not subject the processed sheets to any type of thermal shock.

7. Laser Marking

Marking and engraving are among the most widespread laser applications in the industry. Able to create even the smallest details on different materials with maximum precision, laser engraving reacts positively to engraving on most materials and surfaces, with an effect called “opacification” of the material. Laser engraving scratches only superficially without damaging the processed sheets. The technology used by us for the personalization of stoppers, buckets, sparkling wine glasses and accessories.

8. Metalization

This processing takes place by means of machines that exploit the electrostatic force to transfer the particles of the metal film on the surface. This production process allows a total or partial covering of an article with a first metal layer on which a second layer of the final colour is then applied, which can be chosen according to the needs of the customer. The result thus obtained is a surface with a coloured mirror effect, absolutely not reproducible with other techniques. With this treatment, it is possible to combine pad printing to completely personalize the object. This technology embellishes the object making it exclusive, with a very high perception of luxury and elegance. It can be applied to buckets, sparkling wine bowls, glasses and goblets.

9. Digital Printing Technologies

A high-precision, very high-quality printing, is ideal in those situations where superior precision is required. Thanks to the latest generation of digital technologies, specially designed for our needs with the integration of a complex movement that guarantees accurate colour positioning, it offers an advantageous and reliable alternative to traditional printing processes. High printing speed, up to two times higher than current processes, is today our flagship for versatility, precision, and accuracy, and allows the production of sophisticated and detailed four-colour logos. Perfect for the production of promotional items such as stoppers, glasses, buckets, sparkling wine bars, and corkscrews.

10. Personalised Packaging for any Item

What does it mean to communicate with suitable packaging? It means that, depending on your choice, you are expressing an image to your customers, you are telling something about yourself and your company, your choices, and your products. We put our expertise and knowledge at your disposal to develop with your marketing department the best packaging solution that solves and enhances your communication needs.


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