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The MMR through unstoppable research of the international market and cooperation with its European partners in the European Union and suppliers, ensure that we always provide high-quality, innovative and competitive products (value for money) with excellent service while keeping close interpersonal relations not only with our customers but also with our suppliers.
Bar and Wine


In today’s world, product quality and customer safety are fundamental requirements. Thrill International continues to produce products that exceed expectations and are built to the highest level of excellence.

Thrill International glass coolers remove up to 88% of bacteria from the glass which is often the cause of bad odours and aftertaste that pollute the quality of your cocktails, wines, beers and drinks.

Bar and Wine


Thanks to the simple and modern design it fits perfectly into any environment.

On the table of a restaurant, in a living room, where you can relax by reading a book and sipping a good glass of wine, in a study where you can illuminate dimly lit areas, ONE-LIGHT can become a "cuddle" or a "warm embrace", a piece of furniture that is never out of fashion, a timeless classic that is impossible to resist.

Bar and Wine


The base led gives extra intensity to the demonstration of the products inside the buckets or bowls and increases the beauty of the already amazing packaging of the product.

There is an innovative base led that many of our ICE BUCKETS or BOWLS models can adjust underneath and that object gives an extra shine to the overlook of the objects inside of the bucket/bowl.

Bar and Wine

Retail project

Meeting our project is easy. Not falling in love is impossible.

Taking advantage of the extensive knowledge of our materials and the technical know-how acquired, we are proud to have recently introduced a selection of products dedicated to retail and professional sales channels.


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