Corklift Automatic

Made in Germany Corklift Automatic – Compressed air corkscrew incl. capsule.

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His cork lifter is already over 30 years old and has been tried and tested for just as long. The hollow needle of the Corklift Automatic is inserted into the cork. By pressing the button afterwards, the cork rises unharmed and easily out of the bottle by Co2 pressure. This particularly light and simple way of uncorking wine bottles has been used by many older wine lovers for decades. The hollow needles have recently been provided with PTFE, a non-stick coating. This makes it even easier to insert the hollow needle into the cork and pull it out again. When operating the Corklift Automatic, a replaceable gas capsule is used, with which about 50 bottles can be uncorked.

You need the CO2 capsules 8 gr.


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