Bar and Wine

Unbreakable Glasses

For all mixology preparations, a design enhanced by the safety of unbreak ability.

The unbreakable glasses are perfect for safety without sacrificing a contemporary design and brilliance and transparency that makes them noble, beautiful, ergonomic and pleasant to the touch. A collection that has been enriched over time with shapes, decorations and formats for all needs, even the most particular and refined of the new mixology trends. Production is carried out with a blowing technology that only the competence of our partners can achieve at best.

Bar and Wine

Milan Glasses Line

A line of original, elegant glasses, with attention to detail and a refined design.

Perfect for combining style and practicality, thanks to resistance to wear and repeated professional washing, MILANO glasses have been designed in collaboration with professional barmen. The different dimensions, the absolute stackability, and the ability to maintain the temperature are just some of the innumerable qualities.

Bar and Wine

Event goblet

Event is a totally innovative glass.

Produced in Tecnoglas®, an unbreakable material, it is obtained through a BLOWING technology that recovers the tradition of glass blowing. The result is a chalice that is perfectly transparent like crystal and totally unbreakable! Thanks to its slender stem design it is considered versatile. The profile that narrows upwards allows an optimal concentration of the aromas. Ideal for sparkling and blended wines, it also goes well with white and red wines. Dishwasher safe, it is safe for the health and taste of the consumer, keeping the "taste" of the content unchanged.

Bar and Wine

Goblets and flutes

Brilliant and transparent like crystal, practical and safe because they are unbreakable.

From cocktails on the beach to party on the terrace, from spritz at the downtown bar to the gala evening at the club. Our partner’s collection of glasses and flutes is designed for all occasions, between fashion and worldliness. They are all unbreakable and therefore perfect for preserving the safety of outdoor environments.


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