Bar and Wine

Bar & Wine Accessories

The tool of the trade of tasting is a dedication to tasting.

MMR BAR & WINE has thought of every act dedicated to the discovery of wine and the intoxication of its pleasures. Since 1998 has exported the culture of beverage and the personality of importing unique wine accessories. Whether you are in one of the main cities of Greece or in α small town, there is a high percentage of chances to notice our unique BAR & WINE products. Try to notice it ...

Bar and Wine


To uncork a bottle of wine easily and safely. The elegance of a gesture is found in everyday life as on important occasions.

Uncorking a bottle represents the encounter between the culture of drinking and the importance of a ritual. Designed for the first patent in 1965, our partners’ corkscrews have had a constant evolution and over time have been equipped with increasingly sophisticated technology, so much so that today they are considered a classic for oenology, perfect for the professional as well as for the 'passionate. An important itinerary, where the evolution of an object materializes in a precise purpose: uncorking a bottle of wine with simplicity and complete safety.

Bar and Wine


From the creation of the product to today, well over 70 million stoppers have come out of our partner’s plants!

Designed by the great Patent WAF tradition, the line of stoppers enhances the encounter between aesthetics and technological knowledge, offering the maximum for the preservation of the precious characteristics of wines and sparkling wines.
The Block WAF System® represents the maximum evolution and a brilliant invention of the accessory for the preservation over time of the precious characteristics of sparkling wines and wines. Laboratory data certify that thanks to the WAF patent stopper the internal pressure of a bottle of sparkling wine remains practically unchanged for 72 hours at a constant temperature. The fixing bracket has been designed to counteract the vertical thrust that the stopper receives and therefore guarantees the seal.

Bar and Wine

Drop Stops

Our Danish designed non-drip wine pourer is used by wine professionals across the globe.

Just roll up the flexible disk, insert it into the top of any wine bottle and pour your wine without dripping a drop!

Bar and Wine

Gelateria Accessories

As our partner’s speciality for ice cream scoops, we offer more than 20 models for a variety of use.

All over the world, our partner's ice cream scoops are used in ice cream parlours, bakeries, canteens and kitchens for the portioning of ice cream and other food. Besides ice cream scoops there is the ability to import high-quality articles for the sale of ice cream and for the catering sector. In our range of products, you will find, among others, cleaning systems for portioners, ice cream cone holders and napkin dispensers as well as countertop stands, spoon dispensers, straw dispensers, cutlery and menu holders.


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